I’ve been reviewing Marcy’s gym gear for quite some time now, and these guys rarely disappoint. They stand out to me because they seem to be able to produce quality gym equipment and deliver it at an affordable price, something most companies fail to achieve.

So many of the budget benches available right now suffer from durability issues due mainly to the cheap materials used in the build and their poor quality welds.

Thankfully there are a few benches in this price bracket that surprise me with their superior build quality and versatility. One of them is the Marcy SB-670. The other is FlyBirds’ excellent foldable weight bench.

Heavy Duty, Versatile Bench at an Affordable Price.

The SB-670 is Marcy’s most popular weight bench its been around for 6 years or so and has been updated once.

It’s their flagship affordable bench and one I know these guys are proud of. It’s built from heavy-duty steel, includes the all-important adjustable seat, a fast-to-adjust ladder adjustment system for the back pad, and a realistic 600lb weight capacity.

marcy sb-670 adjustable weight bench in front room of house

Today we’re going to take a look at everything the Marcy bench has to offer, including its drawbacks. I’ll compare Marcy with another top-rated bench in this price range at the end of the review. First, let’s take a quick look at the SB-670 product specs!

Product Specifications


Product dimensions – 52 x 25 x 46.5 (in upright position)


Weight – 52lb


6 position back support, including flat to incline flat to decline


Will adapt to fit most half cages squat racks and Smith machines


Powder-coated steel frame with high-density foam in black and white upholstery


6 back pad position and 3 seat positions


Weight capacity – 600lb


Transport wheels

Why Do We Like The Marcy Adjustable Weight Bench?

The reason I love this bench is the quality for the price point; it’s one of the only budget benches that actually impresses when it comes to quality.

First, let’s look at the weight. The weight of the bench is a telling sign of the overall quality of the materials used in the build. The Marcy weighs 52lb thats heavy for an entry-level weight bench, especially when we consider its competition with benches such as the Gymenist and the Fitness Reality Super Max 1000 that weight around 30lb.

The extra weight of the Marcy not only proves this bench is made from quality materials but it’s also going to help a lot with stability.

When you buy a weight bench, you want it to be as heavy as possible as the bench’s weight will help keep it planted to the floor and prevent any unwanted movement while working out.

Also the SB-670 boasts high-density foam padding the gold standard for weight bench padding.

Always a good idea to choose a bench if you can that includes high-density foam padding. This stuff isn’t too hard to be uncomfortable, and it’s not too soft to be off-putting and cause stability issues when pressing. It’s a nice surprise to see it featured on the Marcy.

Design – Stable With Max Capacity of 600lb

Thankfully the Marcy Adjustable Weight Bench has been designed with stability in mind. The wide back stabilizer bar does a great job of keeping the frame stable even when lifting heavyweights.

Marcy’s weight bench has a slight tapering back support. This will allow you more freedom of movement when doing exercises such as incline flys. The powder-coated steel frame should be strong enough for its 600lb user and weight load.

I’m glad Marcy didn’t go crazy slap a 1000lb weight capacity on this bench like so many of the cheap benches do especially when they dont have the frames and welds to support such high weight loads. Marcy provides a realistic max weight capacity.

I’ve had a few emails about the Marcy SB-670 weight capacity, as many people got confused with the listing on Amazon, which quoated a 300lb capacity. The max weight capacity for this bench is 600lb. I have spoken to the guys at Marcy, who have confirmed this. Still, you need to remember the 600lb capacity includes your own body weight.

No leg holder for this bench, which I personally prefer as I find they get in the way of any serious workout, so if you are thinking of doing some decline sit-ups with this bench, I probably recommend hooking your feet under the seat if you can.

adjustable seat positions of marcy weight bench

Versatile 6 Adjustable Back pad Positions & Adjustable seat

For under $150, we won’t find many benches that can match the Marcy SB-670 when it comes to versatility. Boasting 6 adjustable back pad position including decline the Marcy has more than enough back pad angles for you pressing needs.

But what most impressive is this bench includes an adjustable seat. Why’s an adjustable seat important? It helps stop your butt from slipping when incline bench pressing. In doing so, it will help relieve the added stress on your lower back.

Also, we have the ladder adjustment system a much faster to adjust and safer system than the pin-type systems.

man adjusting marcy weight bench to flat position

Build quality

This bench is solid and stable, the bench does sit quite high, but thanks to that wide back stabilizer, the height of the bench will not cause you any wobble issues.

From what I can see, there’s only a 2 yr warranty on the Marcy. I was slightly disappointed. I’d expected at least a 10 year on the frame. Bowflex 3.1 has a 15yr on the fame, so offering only a 2yr one might put some of you off.

I wouldn’t let the warranty put you off. This really is a top weight bench for the money. The powder-coated 14 gauge steel frame should hold up to more than a few years of everyday use.

Marcy SB-670 Assembly

An easy to assemble bench, most people will get this bench up in under 30 mins, nothing too tricky, supplied with an Allen wrench, you will need one extra tool such as a  crescent wrench or socket for some parts.

The Good

Adjustable seat

Full FID capability… flat inline decline, 6 adjustable back support positions in total!

Firm but comfortable wide saddle

Well made high quality, stable, solid

Powder coat finish will help reduce wear and tear

Durable high density, two-toned upholstery

600lb user and weight load

Adapts to fit most squat racks, half cages, and Smith machines

The Bad

Frame warranty only 2years

No padded rollers for decline situps/presses? This might be a pro not a con for some



mevem weight bench in home gym

Mevem Weight Bench 1000lb Capacity

The Mevem hit the market around 6 months ago, and as soon as I saw this bench, I just knew it would be a best seller. This thing is built like a tank with a heavy-duty steel frame and weight of 60lb, impressive for the price of a budget bench.

It also boasts a surprising amount of back pad position with 7 in total, including decline and an adjustable seat. Making it one of the most versatile in its class.

Mevem, I thought, had got everything right with this bench. They built a tough, durable bench for the budget market, something to rival the top 3, including the Marcy! And in most parts, they have, this thing is outstanding when it comes to quality vs. price.

But what I dont like about this bench is the incline only adjusts to 70 degrees. Anywhere between 80-90 degrees fits the body best for shoulder press. 70 is ok, a little low, but it will still give the shoulders a good pump. It’s not a deal killer but something worth mentioning.

And I noticed the decline only adjusts to -5 degrees which is disappointing, plus the seat adjustment angles are on the low side, and they may not provide much support when incline pressing.

Still, these are minor complaints. Including an adjustable seat in this price range and a heavy-duty frame is impressive.  


To Sum Up

The Marcy is an excellent bench for the price, fully adjustable back support allows for a full range of upper body workouts. I’m certain you will not regret buying the Marcy SB-670, high-density foam padding, a stable build, 6 back pad positions, an adjustable seat, and a heavy-duty frame. The Marcy has every you could want from an affordable bench and more.