Known for their awesome power rack range and weight plates, Titan has built a reputation offering high-quality fitness products at affordable prices.

7 Back Pad Positions – 650LB Weight Capacity

The Titan Fitness adjustable weight bench is a low priced adjustable bench that offers you a lot for the price tag, an adjustable seat, 650lb weight capacity, and 7 adjustable back pad positions, which should make it a great choice for most people’s home gym.

 In this review we’re taking a close look at Titan’s budget range bench. I’ll also compare the bench with two other top-rated benches in this price bracket, by the end of the review you should have a good idea whether this is the right bench for your needs.

Product Specifications


Dimensions: 51 1/4” x 12″ x 19 1/3” 


Weight: 48lb


Frame: Steel


Adjustable seat & Back pad


Capacity: 650lb

Weight Capacity

Titan’s bench has a weight capacity of 650lb which is about right for the price point. Benches with higher capacities, ‘800-1000lb’, are normally built like tanks made from heavy duty steel and cost 3x what the Titan does.

Yes, there are a few budget benches out there, the Fitness Reality is one, that claims high weight capacities but I wouldn’t risk lifting anywhere near that on a budget bench, you’ll find most budget benches  made from cheap steel have questionable welds and nearly all have some stability issues, especially under heavy weight loads.

We need to remember the Titan bench is also a $100 bench, you can not expect a top quality build, yes, it might take the 650lb weight load a few times but I wouldn’t put a cheaply made bench under so much stress every day.

Durability will be the main issue with the Titan bench, however it should last years for dumbbell workouts but for heavy rack work I’d recommend something a little more heavy duty like the Xmark XM7630


This is where the Titan Fitness adjustable bench shines, the 7 adjustable back pad positions are more than enough for a full upper body workout, ok, we’re missing decline but that’s no biggie, decline pressing is overrated, try weighted dips if you’re looking to put on some lower pec mass quickly.

And what’s great to see on this budget bench is an adjustable seat, very useful for stopping your butt from slipping when in inclined positions, there’s nothing worse when you press a couple of heavy dumbbells and your butt starts to slip off the seat.

An adjustable seat will give you the support you need, it provides a stable base which aids your pressing power.

Build Quality & Stability

This bench weighs 48lb which is quite good for an entry level bench, generally, the heavier the bench the better quality  materials, but weight doesn’t always equal a stable bench, yes, weight helps massively with stability, but many users have complained of a slight wobble with the Titan bench.

The slight wobble is mainly due to the bolts that attach the stabilizing feet to the mainframe.

the t-bar junctions (the feet/base of the bench) hardly stay in place and move almost freely regardless of how much I tighten them. In fact, I’ve found out the hard way that you can’t tighten any of the bolts on this bench too much because the metal frame starts to bow. Once the metal started bending, I stopped tightening the screws” says one user.

The problem with the unstable feet does not affect every bench, it’s something I thought was worth mentioning and this issue may have been fixed by now, it seems to have only affected the early releases of the bench a couple of years ago.

One last note on stability, sadly the Titan bench does not benefit from having rubber capped feet, rubber capped feet usually help to stop weight benches slipping on hard/polished surfaces, they also function as a protector for your floors, so be careful where you place this bench.

The Good

Powder coated steel frame

High density foam padding

Good price

Versatile, adjustable seat & 7 adjustable back pad positions

Bolt holes for permanent mounting

Great bench for dumbbell workouts

The Bad

A high bench from top of pad to floor, around 20″, people under 5’10” may have issues planting their feet firmly on the floor when the bench is in flat

A few reports of the bench being slightly unstable

Assembly & Storage

Most users have found this bench easy to assemble (under 30 mins) tools and instructions provided. There’s no fold feature with this bench, but it is fairly easy to move, just lift, tilt and roll on the integrated transport wheels.



Gymenist Weight Bench

The Gymenist weight bench is another excellent starter bench for around $100, it too comes with an adjustable seat, 6 adjustable positions (includes decline) and folds flat for storage.

It’s a very light bench at 35lb, the weight tells us it’s made from cheap steel, but surprisingly this bench has been praised for its stability in all positions, including incline, which is fantastic for a cheap bench.

Receiving high ratings everywhere, this stable entry level bench is certainly worth a closer look, we like this bench here at JHG, we feel it’s probably the best starter bench out there right now for dumbbell workouts.

gymenist weight bench in home gym

For a closer look check out our full review here: Gymenist Adjustable Weight Bench Review

Marcy SB 670 Weight Bench

If you’re happy to pay an extra $20 then don’t miss out on this superb bench from Marcy! The Marcy bench oozes quality, unseen on benches in the under $150 bracket. Just like the Gymenist, this bench is stable in all positions and it’s reassuringly heavy at 57lb, built from high-quality powder-coated steel, the Marcy will take its 600lb max capacity with ease. 

marcy 6 position adjustable weight bench

High-density foam padding the gold standard for weight benches will make sure you’re comfortable, yet stable enough to press heavy without any distractions.

The Marcy has no trouble when it comes to versatility either, a three-way adjustable seat and 6 adjustable back pad positions make the Marcy one of the most versatile benches out there. 

The ladder adjustment system is super quick to adjust unlike the pull-pin adjustment of the Titan, ladder adjustment systems are a lot more sturdy IMO than the pin type.

There is no better weight bench available under $150. Our full review can be found here: Marcy SB 670 Review

To Sum Up

The Titan Fitness Adjustable Bench is a very good bench for the money, it’s versatile, well built, and designed well for dumbbell workouts. The quality isn’t quite there compared to their racks but at this price, I didn’t expect too much. An excellent bench for beginners and intermediate weight lifters.