What you’re going to like about the LifePro Adjustable Dumbbells is the quality they don’t feel cheap, they’re a solid set of bells, and thankfully unlike many adjustable dumbbells in this price range, they don’t have a ton of plastic in the build.

They’re surprisingly good, considering LifePro usually makes fitness products. I’ve reviewed a ton of LifePro fitness products and was impressed by the quality for the price, and by the looks of it, they carried that same high quality over to their dumbbells.

Includes Comparison With Best Sellers The FlyBird 25lb Pair.

In today’s review, I want to take a close look at everything this selectable dumbbell from Lifeprpo has to offer, including its drawbacks, as there a few minor ones.  Also at the end of the review, I’ll compare the LifePro Dumbbells with the best sellers in this price bracket the Flybird 25 Adjustable Dumbbells as it will be interesting to see how the Lifepros match up. First, a quick look at the product specs of the Lifepro Powerflow Plus Dumbbells!

Product Specifications


Product dimensions – 12.6 L x 4.3 w x 4.3 h


Weight – 25lb per dumbbell


Adjustment system – pull selector


Weight increments – 5lb, 10lb, 15lb, 20lb, 25lb


Material – alloy steel  plastic

Why Do We Like The LifePro Adjustable Dumbbells?

One of the best things about the LifePro Adjustable Dumbbells is that they haven’t got as much plastic in their design as most fast-to-adjust dumbbells. Plastic plagues every fast-to-adjust set, even the more expensive sets like the Bowflex 552s and Core Fitness dumbbells have huge amounts of plastic in their designs.

No Plastic Casing Surrounding The Weight Plates

While the LifePro dumbbells still have some plastic,  they don’t have the plastic casing surrounding the weight plates, this is a good thing because it’s the plastic casing that cracks first when a dumbbell is dropped.

Once the casing is cracked, it makes the dumbbell unusable. I’ve read many complaints about this problem from people who have purchased sets like the Bowflex 552s. And drops aren’t covered in the warranty, so you’ll end with a hefty repair bill.

The LifePro dumbbells don’t include the horrible plastic casings; instead, they powder coast their weight plates to protect them from rust, this is what we want, and because there is no plastic casing, it also helps keep the dumbbell compact.

Still, there is some plastic in the handle and the adjustments system, so you need to be careful with this set of bells., You can’t go throwing them around. They’ll survive drops of 6″ or so, but I wouldn’t risk anything higher.

Solid Feelijng Dumbbell

It’s rare to find a 25lb dumbbell that feels solid in hand, but the Lifepro does. There’s no plate movement, which is great news. Plate movement or rattle can put you off when lifting. You want your dumbbell to feel solid like a fixed-weight dumbbell. Lifepro did good here. The adjustment system works well by keeping the weight plates fully locked in place.

Takes Just a Second To Adjust

Another impressive feature of the Lifepro Dumbbells is their adjustment system. It’s one of the faster adjustment systems you’ll find for an adjustable dumbbell taking just a second to adjust, and it’s super easy to do. All you need to do is pull the selector and slide it across to the desired weight you wish to lift; it’s that easy.

Because adjustment times are so fast, you’ll be able to perform any advanced or basic bodybuilding technique. Even drops sets that require the fastest of weight changes can be performed with LifePro Dumbbells.

pair of lifepro adjustable dumbbells

Small Weight Increases Are Always Best For Progress

Small weight increases are one of the keys to progress no matter what exercise you are performing or what piece of gym equipment you are using. Ideally, we like to see 2.5lb or 5lb weight increments for dumbbells. Anything higher will slow your progress.

You’ll see many cheap, heavier sets of bells use 10lb increments. This is too big a jump even for seasoned lifers, especially for isolation exercises. 5lb increments aren’t perfect, but they are okay for beginners. They won’t slow your progress too much. If you can curl a 20lb LifePro dumbbell for ten reps and want to keep adapting, curing a 25lb dumbbell represents a 25% increase in load. That’s a large jump for anyone, but it’s not as large as dumbbbell with weight increements of 10lb, where you see a 50% increase in load, which is almost useless for progressing in bodybuilding.

lifepro single adjustable dumbbell adjustment system

Fixed Length Handles Can Be Awkward To Train With

The LifePro PowerFlows are a well-made set of dumbbells, but they’re pretty cheap, and as with all the cheap 25lb dumbbells, you’ll receive a dumbbell with a fixed length handle. A fixed-length handle is a dumbbell handle that doesn’t change in length no matter what weight you are lifting, you can lift 5lb or 25lb, and the length of the handle stays the same.

Fixed length handles aren’t a deal killer; they are longer than the dumbbell handles that only change in length when weight is added, but because this is a 25lb dumbbell, the handle is much shorter than a fixed length handle of a 50lb dumbbell.

Ive reviewed many 25lb adjustable dumbbells, and the average length is around 14.5″, which isn’t too bad. The LifePros are only 12.6″ impressive for a fixed length handle.

We can’t go as far as saying 12.6″ is compact, but it’s not long either. You shouldn’t have an issue with the Lifepros clashing above your head when pressing, and they shouldn’t hit your side when curing. Using a 12.6″ handle compared to a 14.5″ handle will make a difference. The Lifepro dumbbells feel almost like a fixed weight dumbbell, and that’s exactly what you want. They have a more natural feel than the competition.

25lb is The Max Per Dumbbells – There’s No Weight Expansion Packs Available

If you’re new to lifting weights, 25lb per dumbbell might sound a hefty amount now, but as you progress with your training, you’ll be surprised how fast gains in strength come when you first start lifting, and many of you could outgrow this dumbbell set in less than a year.

There are no weight expansion packs available for this set, so once you reach that 25lb max per dumbbell, you’ll have to buy a new set of dumbbells to continue your progress. If you’re serious about your lifting and want to save some cash, it might be worth purchasing a heavier 50lb per dumbbell set that allows for more growth. It all depends on your training schedule and your goals as to whether you need a heavier set to begin with?

Anything Else Worth Mentioning?

When adjusting the LifePro Dumbbell, make sure to place the dumbbell fully in its storage stray this will ensure a smooth weight change.

The Good

Solid feeling dumbbell – no plate movement

Fast adjustment times thanks to the pull selector adjustment system – easy to use takes 1 second to adjust

No plastic casing surrounding the weight plates – less to break if you accidentally drop the dumbbell

Come with storage trays

5lb weight increments

Space saving design – replaces five sets fo fixed weight dumbbells

Decent price for well made adjustable dumbbell

The Bad

Some plastic in handle and adjustment system means no drops from height

Light weight dumbbell – some of you may out grow this dumbbell quickly



man holding flybird 25lb dumbbell in his home gym

Flybird 25 Adjustable Dumbbell

Flybird have been around for years, and if you want to go low-cost but demand quality at the same time? You should always check out Flybird first. I’ve reviewed a few of their weight benches, and they are by a long way the best budget benches on the market.

Their dumbbells are just as impressive as their benches and come with an extremely competitive price tag. Like the Lifepro dumbbells, the Flybird dumbbells have a max weight of 25lb and use 5lb increments, so again are an excellent choice for beginners.

Also, similar to the Lifepro dumbbells, the Flybird dumbbells don’t include the plastic casing surrounding the weight plates, which is always good to see.

But perhaps what’s best about this dumbbell is its adjustment system. The Flybird 25lb dumbbell boasts a twist-lock adjustment system, even faster than the Lifepro selectors. All you have to do is twist your wrist to the desired weight, easy and very fast.

The quality is there with the Flybirds, and quality is the main reason they are the best sellers bang for your buck, Flybird will always outdo most companies.

Still, the handles of the Flybird dumbbells are 14’6″, that’s 2″ longer than the Lifepros, so it makes them a little more awkward to lift with. But overall, another impressive pair of 25lb dumbells.


To Sum Up

There aren’t many impressive 25lb dumbbells out there, so it was a nice surprise when LifePor realized their Powerflow Plus 25lb Dumbbells. Just like all their gym equipment, their dumbells shine with quality. They feel solid, adjust fast, and feel natural to lift with because the handles aren’t too long. If you’re just getting into lifting at home? For the price, you can go wrong with this set. Flybird should be worried.