In the early ’90s, vibration machines started to pop up everywhere, from health clubs to commercial gyms and rehabilitation centers. That’s nearly 3 decades people have been reaping the benefits of vibration workouts.

Even NASA carried out a ton of research on these things and praised their rehabilitation powers.

They have become so popular that we can now find affordable versions of them for our home gyms. Yes, we can get hold of an oscillating vibration machine for under $200, which is great news considering the only options a few years ago were commercial machines costing $1k+.

Best Vibration Machine For Home – Weight Loss – Muscle Toning – Rehabilitation.

If you’ve been looking for the Best Vibration Machine for home use, please read on because for the past 6 weeks, we have reviewed and compared all of the best vibration plates on the market, and this guide is the result of all our hard work.

Still, you need to remember not all vibration machines do the same job. Some are better suited for weight loss and muscle toning, while others are more useful for rehabilitation therapy.

This guide is here to help you find the right vibration machine for your personal needs. Whether you want to lose weight, have joint problems, or are recovering from an operation, we’ll help you find the right vibration machine.

Before we get on with the review, let’s take a quick look at the TOP 3 Vibration Plates Comparison Table.


LifePro Waver Vibration Plate

1. LifePro Waver Vibration Machine

LifePro are the go-to company when it comes to vibration platforms for our homes, these guys have a ton of experience, and they offer the best warranties in the business.

The LifePro Waver is their most popular vibration machine. There’s a good reason why because for the price, this machine is impressive with 99 oscillating vibration levels, a large vibration plate perfect for floor and standing workouts, plus a 330lb weight capacity.

Still, what’s most important about this machine is that it offers oscillating vibration.

We can think of oscillating vibration as taking thousands of mini spets every few minutes. The vibrations cause our muscles to contract. Muscle contractions require energy. Energy = calories.

But it’s not just weight loss that oscillating vibration is good for? The muscle contractions will also help to tone and strengthen your muscles.

Oscillating vibration is the most natural of vibration types its a see-saw motion that mimics how we walk and has less vertical impact than other vibration types.

Its pleasant rocking motion creates a therapeutic, muscle-toning, and strengthening workout with minimal risk of damage to the joints and tendons, making it a safe form of exercise regardless of your age or ability.

And this is what I love about the LifePro Waver; there are no restrictions on who can benefit from the machine.

It can be used by people looking to burn a ton of calories or by seniors wanting to improve blood circulation and bone destiny. With 99 levels of vibration, you should have no trouble finding the right level to suit your workout needs.

Overall an excellent vibration plate for the price point. It easily has enough power and vibration levels to suit most people’s workout needs. It comes with resistance bands for a full-body workout and remote control that saves you from stepping off the machine to change the speed level.

Plus the bonus of a 100% lifetime warranty. LifePro are the only company to offer this impressive warranty.

The Good

Impressive build quality, weight and warranty for price point

Oscillating vibration – suitable for all ages and abilities

Built-in monitor – shows speed and time. Remote control provided

Free professional trainer manual and access to online workouts

Transport wheels – tilt and roll to move

Very quiet – watch tv while you exercise

The Bad

Need to register the Waver to validate the lifetime warranty

A few users reported motion sickness while using this machine


bluefin fitness pro vibration plate in front room of house

2. BlueFin Pro Vibration Platform

The BlueFin Pro Is a powerful vibration platform with a 2000w motor with a max output of 3800w. It has an XL vibration plate suitable for all your floor exercises or standing workouts.

This machine has been designed for weight loss and muscle toning, and that’s not just because it’s powerful but also because it takes advantage of linear vibrations.

Linear vibrations move both sides of the body simultaneously, not alternately like oscillating.

Because linear vibrations move the body up and down at the same, it does make it a higher impact vibration type up to 6 x the user’s body weight, and while this is great for muscle toning, weight loss, and sports training, it’s not so good for people with joint or neck problems.

I recommend people with join issues either take it easy on this machine or choose an oscillating machine such as the LiefPro, which can actually help with joint problems.

So while linear vibrations aren’t for everyone, these strong up and down vibrations do contract the larger muscle of the body, which increases metabolism excellent for weight loss and at high speed can contract your muscles thousands of times per minute, increasing muscle strength and toning.

Even sports professionals use linear machines because the vibrations mimic the jump reflex. This makes the vibration type a popular choice for basketball and football players.

There really is a lot of advantages to buying large vibration platforms like the BuleFin, especially if you want to lose weight as the motors are more powerful, the vibration plates are larger, letting you perform a wider range of floor and standing workouts, plus we get a better monitor.

The monitor of the BlueFin is the best in its price range boasting 180-speed levels, 10 workout programs, dual speaker MP3 player, BMI calculator, and 4 LED screens so you can see all your workout stats at the same time, plus a calorie counter.

But what’s best about the BlueFin Pro vibration platform is how much this thing weighs. At 64lb, the BlueFin is a heavy machine for its price bracket, and not only is the extra weight a telling sign the machine is built from quality materials, but it’s also going to help with energy loss.

Cheap, lightweight machines tend to shake too much, causing energy loss. The energy is dispersed downwards sideways and upward instead of just upward into ur bodies.

A heavy machine like the BlueFin will stay planted to the floor, concentrating the energy from the vibrations upward into our bodies, and that is exactly what we want from a vibration machine.

The Good

Heavy – high quality build

180 speed levels suit beginners to advnaced

10 workout programs

Easy to assemble, under 20 minutes

Linear vibration  designed to help with weight loss and muscle toning (sports training)

Powerful 2000w motor with max output of 3800w

BMI calculator -Calorie counter and dual speaker sound system included

Whisper quiet when in motion – you won’t disturb others with the sound of your workouts

Lifetime warranty of the motor

The Bad

Some users mentioned the mnaual was hard to understand

Can be a little noisy on the higher vibration levels


woman standing on Hurtle Fitness Vibration Platform

3. Hurtle Fitness Vibration Machine

The Hurtle Fitness Machine is another extremely popular vibration plate. And again, just like the LifePro Waver, the Hurtle boasts the more gentle oscillating vibration.

It’s a good-sized vibration plate, so it can be used for floor workouts and standing. Plus, it comes with resistance bands and a remote so you can effortlessly change speed levels while working out.

The Hurtle has been around for a long time, and people are still praising how well this machine works years after owning it. A reassuring sign that it’s a durable, well-built vibration plate.

Sadly the Hurtle Fitness Plate doesn’t come with as many speed levels as the LifePro with just 40. Still, this is more than enough for most users, and I havent heard of any complaints regarding the strength of vibrations, etc.

If you’re a beginner, the Hurtle is an excellent choice. Low cost and built well. Yes, it lacks somewhat when it comes to speed levels, but what it lacks in speed levels it makes up for with its durable build.

If you’re on a budget, this is the best Oscuallting plate you’ll find, It’s a third cheaper than most of its competition, and the good thing is it uses the same 300w motor as the more expensive vibration plates.

The Good

Solid – quality build

40speed levels

Basic easy to use monitor – speed and time + remote

Oscillating vibration – see-saw – mimics small steps/natural – excellent for increased blood circulation, bone density, Cellulite reduction, and weight loss when combined with other exercises

Easy set up – No assembly required

Very quiet – watch Tv while you exercise

Transport wheels and carry handle provided

The Bad

Remote control is large

Some people find it too heavy to lift


Bluefin fitness 3d plate on white background

4. BlueFin 3D Vibration Platform

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to see another BlueFin vibration machine feature in our top 6 vibration machines. These guys make some of the best plates out there and are starting to take over LifePro as the leader in this market.

The BlueFin 3D Vibration Platform offers you the choice of linear vibration, oscillating, or use both together for a 3D spiral vibration.

However, what’s impressive about the BlueFin 3D machine is that it gives you the option to choose which type of vibration you want to use for your workout.

Many 3D machines only have the 3D option; they dont give you a choice, which can be limiting, especially if you plan to mix your workouts where one vibration type may be more beneficial than the other.

So yes, the big plus of this machine being able to choose vibration type.

But when it comes to the 3D effect – using Osciallting and Linear together, there hasn’t been enough research to prove that using both simultaneously activates more muscles than using either of them on their own.

In fact, the only piece of research carried out proved that spiral vibration using the ‘two types together’ actually caused 25% less muscle activation than using oscillating on its own.

More research needs to be done on the effect of 3D vibration to convince me to pay the higher prices for a 3D machine.

I think it’s great you get to choose vibration type but other than that, paying double the price for a 3D machine when we’re still not sure whether it adds an extra benefit to our workouts isn’t worth it right now.

On the positive, the BlueFin 3D machine is nice and heavy at 42lb, so we should avoid any issues with energy loss. Plus, this thing is powered with two 500w motors. That’s a lot of power for a smaller vibration plate.

And it’s packed full of features, including a whopping 180-speed levels, 5 workout programs, a remote control, and BlueTooth.

The Good

Use oscillating or linear independently or simultaneously

Heavy – avoid energy loss

180 speed levels – 5 workout programs

Remote control – no need to step off machine to change vibration level

Lifetime warranty on motors

Resistance bands + Workout & Nutrition Guide

Powerful 2 x 500w motors

Transport wheels

The Bad

Some users found it noisey

No scientific proof that 3D vibration has any extra benefits 


pinty 2000w vibration platform white background

5. Pinty 2000w Vibration Machine

The Pinty is another large linear vibration machine. It’s very similar to ones you might see in a commercial gym. The Pinty 2000w has been designed for weight loss and muscle toning, boasting a very powerful 2000w motor.

Just like the BlueFIn Pro large vibration plate, the Pinty uses linear vibration, so this machine isn’t recommended for people with joint or neck issues.

It’s around the same price as the Bluefin Pro and basically has the same feature that includes a built-in MP3 dual speaker sound system, 180-speed levels 10 workout programs, and a high-quality stainless steel frame.

Still a good weight at 53lb, reassuring us it’s made from quality materials plus that extra weight will help with energy loss.

Pinty isn’t as well known as LifePro or BlueFin, so I can’t comment on their company reputation but going on customer feedback, this machine receives an average of 4.5/5 where ever it’s sold, so we can’t really ask for much better than that.

Apart from weighing slightly less, it basically the same vibration machine in power and features as the Bluefin Pro, and it’s the same price.

I’d probably advise if you want a powerful large linear vibration plate to stick with the BlueFin Pro. At least we know BlueFin has been around for years, and they offer lifetime warranties on their motors.

The Good

Heavy duty, stable build

10 levels of resistance

High info monitor for price range

Easy to assemble, under 30 minutes

Built-In wireless pulse receiver

Very quiet

The Bad

Short warranty

Resistance straps don’t provide much of a resistance

No phone holder


woman standing on Powerfit Elite vibration plate

6. PowerFit Elite Vibration Plate

There was so much hype surrounding the PowerFit, thanks to its aggressive marketing campaign, that they convinced a lot of people the Elite was the best vibration machine on the market. The Truth? It’s good, but it’s nothing special.

Seeing that it’s twice the price of similar vibration plates, you would think that the powerful Elite would have something extra to offer, but surprisingly, it doesn’t.

There nothing wrong with the PowerFit its an excellent oscillating vibration platform that offers 99-speed level remote control and resistance bands. And they offer an XL large version that’s just as impressive, but even the extra-large version is only the same size as a regular vibration plate such as the Hurtle Fitness or the LifePro.

The marketing did allow them to add a hefty price tag, and a lot of people paid the extra money. Still, when it comes down to it, the PowerFit Elite is no better than the Hurtle Fitness vibration machine or the LifePro Waver, the same motor, amount of vibration levels, and if it even weighs slightly less.

So although it’s an impressive oscillating vibration plate and offers a small and large version, ‘the small is a handy option if you dont have much space, both are sadly overpriced. Hopefully, once the hype dies down, so will the price tags.

The Good

99 speed levels

Oscillating Vibration – Weightloss – Muscle toning – Rehabilitation

Simple but easy to use monitor – speed & timer

No assembly required

Whisper quiet – watch TV while you exercise

Built-in transport wheels – easy to move

The Bad

Low Weight Capacity

Resistance Bands Only Add Minimal Tension


What To Look For When Choosing A Vibration Machine

There are a ton of different vibration plates on the market, yet most of them work to the same principle, and that’s to force your muscles to contract and relax dozens of times per second.

These vibrations result in muscle toning, weight loss, increased blood circulation, and many more health benefits.

However, there are many variables to consider when buying a vibration plate, as it is important to realize some machines are better for weight loss and muscle toning. In contrast, others are better suited to therapy rehabilitation and light workouts. Much of this depends on vibration type, motor size, size of the machine’s vibration plate, and weight.

Here’s our quick guide on all the important stuff you should consider before purchasing a vibration machine. Especially important if this is your first vibration machine.

woman bicep curling bluefitness vibration platform

Weight – Heavy Is Best!

When buying a vibration platform, most people do not consider the weight of the machine before they purchace, which is a big mistake because it’s actually one of the most important things you should be thinking about before you buy.

Not only does the weight of a vibration platform give us a good clue to the quality of the materials used in the build. A heavier machine will also prevent energy loss.

Lightweight, cheaply built vibration machines shake too much. This causes energy to disperse sideways, upwards, and downwards instead of just upwards into our bodies.

A heavy vibration machine will stay planted to the floor, reducing energy loss. The majority of the energy will transmit upwards into our bodies, and that’s exactly what we want from a vibration machine. You’ll see results faster from heavier machines.

The most popular type of vibration machines are the small plates with no handles or center post, such as the Waver Pro, and while many of these machines are light, we can still avoid energy loss if we choose the right ones.

It’s important here not to go too cheap as many of the very chap plates only weigh around 20lb.

The Waver Pro weighs 31lb which is a good weight for a smaller plate, and although an extra 11lb doesn’t sound like much, it will make a big difference when it comes to energy loss.

The extra weight is especially important when doing floor exercises where we dont have the whole weight of our body to keep the machine planted to the floor. 

Smaller plates – look for at least 30lb in weight.

Large vibration machines, the ones with support bars and a center column such as the BlueFin Pro, weigh the most and suffer the least from energy loss.

They are about as close as you will get to a commercial-grade machine in the under $300 price bracket. These powerful machines weigh almost twice as much as a small plate and produce the fastest results thanks to their powerful motors and their extra weight that keeps them planted to the floor.

Lifepro waver monitor demonstration

Vibration Type – Does It Make A difference?

There are two main types of vibration Osciallting and Linear. And when it comes to weight loss and muscle toning, there isn’t a lot of difference between them. Both types of vibrations force the muscle to contract and relax thousands of times every few minutes.

The only real difference between the two is the amount of vertical impact each vibration type has on the body.

Oscillating vibration is a more gentle vibration as it mimics how we walk, a see-saw-type motion. Linear, also known as (vertical/tri-planar), has a slightly higher impact on our bodies as it moves both sides of the body at the same time, which has more of an impact on our joints, etc. (jump reflex)

So while both are great for weight loss and muscle toning, linear isn’t recommend for people with joint problems or neck issues (more vertical impact)

One of the reasons many people choose a linear machine for weight loss and muscle/toning and strengthening is that linear vibration is normally found on the more powerful large plates – the more power the vibration machine has, the stronger the vibrations – the harder the muscles work. Weight loss and muscle strength are increased.

Motor Power

Most budget plates under $200 come with 200w motors, which is okay if you weigh under 200lb, but they might not have the power for heavier users, so they may not work properly under heavy loads.

However, there are a few exceptions. The LifePro Waver is one of them. It has 300wmotor, and I’ve heard of no complaints when it comes to power with this machine even on high-speed levels.

If you’re going down the budget route look for 300w motors, there are a few around.

If you go for a large linear machine these come with extremely powerful motors so should have no issues when it comes to power. Both the Pinty and BlueFin Pro boast 2000w motors. That’s not far off comemmrial grade power.

demonstration of best choice products vibration platform monitor

Monitor/Control console

Monitors are pretty basic on vibration machines, and that can be a good thing as it makes them nice and easy to use. All monitors, no matter how cheap the vibration plate, will have at least have Two LED screens, one for the timer and one for the vibration levels, and that’s all you really need.

The larger vibration machines usually have few more options, such as a calorie counter, BMI calculator, and built-in workout programs.

Most smaller plates will come with a remote control these are handy as it lets you change vibration speed etc. while you are working out, rather than having to step off the machine in the middle of a workout.

To Sum Up

When it came to the small vibration plates, the LifePro Waver outshined everything else in its price bracket.

The LifePro Waver Vibration Machine includes all you could ask for from an oscillating vibration platform. It’s well built, includes 99 levels of vibration, a remote control, and resistance bands for a full-body workout, and what’s best of all is LifePro provides a lifetime warranty on everything. Great value for money and perfect for beginners or anyone wanting to reap the benefits of oscillating vibration.

The BlueFin is our next choice. This is a more serious machine and has a ton of power with a 2000w motor with a max output of 3800w! This machine has been designed for weight loss and muscle toning/strengthing.

We also loved the BlueFins Pro’s large vibration plate as it gives you plenty of room for floor exercises, and best of all, this machine is heavy, which means it’s made from quality materials. That extra weight is going to help prevent energy loss.

BlueFin Fitness has slowly been catching up with LifePro in the vibration machine market, and with impressive machines such as the BlueFin Pro Linear vibration Machine out there, it won’t be long until these guys are at the top.